Whole Earth Sweetener

Nothing like a good cup of coffee to get the day going. I used to love flavoured syrups (oh hey hazelnut) in my morning cup of Joe, but over the last few years as I am weaning myself of refined sugars I’ve managed to drop the habit.

Whilst coffee isn’t the healthiest thing on the planet, it’s my vice and I try and limit myself to one a day. A big change from the 7-a-day habit I used to have whilst working in a busy vegetarian kitchen. No idea how I even managed to get any sleep with that amount of caffeine in me. No, one a day, slowly, taking time to enjoy and savour the notes and flavours that come from a well-brewed glug of coffee.

I have weaned myself off sugary syrups in my coffee slowly over the last few years. Whole Earth Sweeteners have definitely helped. Derived from nature, and no effect on our blood sugar levels, they’re an obvious healthier swap in our household. #sweetresolution

Whole Earth Sweetener // roughmeasures.com

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post – thank you for your continued support whilst I side-hustle my way through life.

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