Shakshuka with Chickpeas

I feel I have been neglecting the blog recently. Not out of choice or dislike. But mainly because, life.

Life doesn’t stop for us, it doesn’t give us more time on the days we need to fit that extra errand in, or squeeze in one more hour to get that to-do list finished. Nope, selfish life just carries on. Days turn into nights too quickly and then it all starts again. Sometimes some things have to take a back seat for a day or so, unfortunately for us, we can’t give everything all our attention at once. Trying to find a happy balance in life can be difficult. It seems that as soon as you start giving one thing a bit more attention, something else niggles away needing your time. Multi-tasking everything with an even amount of love and effort isn’t something that comes easily. My mind swings from focussing wholly on one thing, to catapulting back and focussing on something else. I need to learn to balance all my loves in life, and make sure things don’t get left gathering cobwebs in the corner (ahem sorry yoga mat!)

So I’m sorry little blog, for leaving you abandoned for a week, not giving you the attention you deserve. But I’m still here, and I haven’t forgotten about you. Thanks for being my trusty friend and sticking by me.



This weeks recipe is an old favourite of mine. Shakshuka is a great breakfast, brunch and even lunch treat. Heck, I’d eat it all day if I could. This is a recipe for one, simply multiply ingredients if making it for more.

Here’s my take on this tasty tomato dish.

Shakshuka with Chickpeas (gf)


½ tin organic chopped tomatoes
½ red onion
1 small red chilli (I used scotch bonnet because I like it spicy, use which ever chilli you wish)
1 small garlic clove
1 teaspoon Ras el Hanout spice mix
1 egg
100g chickpeas (soaked overnight)
Sea salt + pepper


Preheat oven to Gas Mark 5 / 190 C

Peel and dice the onion. Add a bit of oil to a frying pan and add onion with salt and pepper.

Chop and de-seed chilli and add it to the pan with the onion. Fry on a low heat for 10 mins.

Add the Ras el Hanout to the pan and stir well.

Finely dice the garlic and add into the mix. Fry for another 5 mins.

Pour in the chopped tomatoes and add the chickpeas. Stir mix well and leave to simmer for a further 5 mins.

Pour tomato mix into a ovenproof dish and make a well in the centre. Crack egg into it and bake in the oven for 10 mins, until the egg has just cooked. You could do all of this on the hob in the same pan, however I prefer the consistency of the eggs baked, rather than poached in the pan.

Scatter with parsley and serve with crusty bread. Happy bellies.






I’m entering this dish into this month’s Breakfast Club – hosted by Andrea from Made with Pink and Sarah from Maison Cupcake


Coconut Pancakes with Pecans and Almonds

I’m pretty ‘pro’ breakfast, hell, I get excited about breakfast as I’m falling asleep at night. So many great options to begin your day, I just don’t get why some people skip it.

The Spanish have a old proverb; Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. And I sure won’t argue with that.
Pancakes are one of my favourite breakfasts, I love creating the batter, whisking it until light and fluffy, but mostly I like them because it feels like I’m eating cake for breakfast! Who wouldn’t want that? I prefer the American kind, thick and fluffy. And replacing regular flour with Coconut flour gives them that extra kick, and starts your morning off with a bit of OOMPH!

This recipe is a little bit loose, and a bit of guess work, if you wish to add more flour to thicken them up, then do, likewise if you’d rather thin them out a bit.


Coconut Pancakes with Pecans and Almonds


200g Organic Coconut Flour
2 Eggs
200ml Almond Milk
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
1 tsp coconut oil (to fry with)
Pinch unrefined brown sugar (optional)

Small handful of Almonds and Pecans
A drizzle of Agave




Add the flour and bicarb to a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the flour and add eggs. Mix well. Slowly pour in almond milk while whisking continuously. Add more flour to thicken if desired.


Place frying pan on hob and turn to a medium heat, once hot, add coconut oil.

Use a ladle to dollop mixture onto frying pan, wait a minute or so before adding another dollop to prevent the pancakes from combining.

When the edges start to change colour slightly, and bubbles are forming in the middle of the pancake, flip. Wait 1 minute, and remove the pancake onto a plate.

Once all of the pancakes are cooked, sprinkle over the almonds and pecans, and drizzle with Agave (or Maple Syrup)



Start your day like a king!