Hemp Seed Pesto

I’ve got a new obsession – Hemp. I’ve been putting it in everything recently, from porridge to chocolate bars (more on that coming soon!)

It has many benefits including:

* Excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and GLA in the perfect balance.

* More digestible protein than meat, whole eggs, cheese, cows milk or any other high protein food.

* Rich in Vitamin E.

* Increases energy levels & metabolic rate.

I’ve been looking for something to jazz up my salads for a while now, and this stuff hits the spot.


Hemp Seed Pesto


2 handfulls Hemp Seeds (I used Neals Yard Wholefoods)
1 bunch Basil
1 small garlic clove
Good glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I used around 100ml)
Pinch of Sea Salt

Hemp Seed Pesto 1


Add everything into your blender/food processor and blitz. (I prefer using a blender as it becomes smoother)
Add more oil if you wish

Hemp Seed Pesto 2

Enjoy over salads / for a dip with some bread / for a pasta sauce!

Hemp Seed Pesto 3

4 thoughts on “Hemp Seed Pesto

  1. What a fab recipe! I haven’t ever tried cooking with hemp but I think this would be a really great introduction to it. The Mr is veggie so we are always looking for alternative protein sources. I didn’t realise hemp was one we were missing out on! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

Thank You! I love hearing from you all.