Chocolate Avocado Smoothie


OK, So I know I just did a breakfast post, but I felt this little marvel needed sharing straight away, and it’s not technically just for breakfast!

I love avocados, they are packed full with vitamins, fibre and healthy fatty acids! They also contain 35% more potassium than a banana.
I try and combine them into most meals, but with the weather turning colder, it’s becoming harder to find those perfectly ready-to-eat ripe ones that are plentiful in the warmer months. I’ve had a few sat in the veg basket for while now, which just don’t seem to want to ripen, but in this smoothie they blend perfectly.


It is super quick to make, and will keep you going until lunchtime.
This smoothie is pretty thick, and could even be served as a pudding.

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie


1/2 Avocado
1 Banana
1 heaped tablespoon organic cocoa powder
200ml Almond milk (use more for a thinner smoothie)
1tsp Agave or other sweetener (optional)
Handful hazelnuts (optional)


Scoop the flesh out of half the avocado. Peel the banana. Add to blender with the cocoa, almond milk, hazelnuts and Agave if using. Blend for 30 seconds, or until smooth. Serve immediately, over ice if desired.


Hemp Seed Pesto

I’ve got a new obsession – Hemp. I’ve been putting it in everything recently, from porridge to chocolate bars (more on that coming soon!)

It has many benefits including:

* Excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and GLA in the perfect balance.

* More digestible protein than meat, whole eggs, cheese, cows milk or any other high protein food.

* Rich in Vitamin E.

* Increases energy levels & metabolic rate.

I’ve been looking for something to jazz up my salads for a while now, and this stuff hits the spot.


Hemp Seed Pesto


2 handfulls Hemp Seeds (I used Neals Yard Wholefoods)
1 bunch Basil
1 small garlic clove
Good glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I used around 100ml)
Pinch of Sea Salt

Hemp Seed Pesto 1


Add everything into your blender/food processor and blitz. (I prefer using a blender as it becomes smoother)
Add more oil if you wish

Hemp Seed Pesto 2

Enjoy over salads / for a dip with some bread / for a pasta sauce!

Hemp Seed Pesto 3